Radar 2.0 is coming soon

The brand new version of the SonarQube plugin for Netbeans is almost here. Here is the list of the new features in this version.

SonarQube Runner

The main new feature is support for sonar-runner. So now is possible to run analysis locally and see the issues before committing/pushing your changes to the server.

When the sonar-runner is launched, an output tab is opened to see how the process is executing.



At the end, the summary of issues is shown.

New layout

All the information is now shown in one panel with two tabs.


The summary is displayed in the first tab. The count of the issues is displayed by severity and by rule. From here, you can navigate to the list of issues.




Also in this tab, you can see more information of a rule.



The second tab is for the list of issues. This list has kept basically the same functionality with minor changes: the location of issue is shown in short format and, by default, a minimal number of columns is displayed. Of course, if you prefer, you can show some of the other columns.


Additionally, now both tables have a popup menu to invoke common actions for a row.


The name of the items to invoke Radar have been renamed and grouped for better identification.



All the features of this version are completed and the final release will be available after some minor fixes and some more testing.

Meanwhile, you can download the current build and give it a try. Bug reports are welcome in the page of the project: https://code.google.com/p/radar-netbeans/


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